This member of the hibiscus family is a pretty plant, with showy purple and yellow blossoms that develop into tender pods. © - WebTurtles LLP Venture. Help! Okra or ladies’ finger is an essential vegetable of tropical countries and most popular in India, Nigeria, Pakistan, Cameroon, Iraq, and Ghana. The following is a list of common names of 50 popular plants. [citation needed]Uses Fibers. If you are looking to know the Planets’ names in Tamil, this post will help you. #154773143 - Okra plant with little okras on it getting ready for harvesting.. I plant the seeds about half an inch deep, about three seeds at each spot. Project for Mainstreaming Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable use for Improved Human Nutrition and well-being in Sri Lanka Frog Okra Leaf Green. Okra resembles the shape of a lady’s finger. Plant okra in hot weather when evening temperatures are in the 60s or warmer. This can kill the plant if not managed properly. Tamil, 4. In India, Local names of okra are as follows: Ladies Finger, Okra (English), Bhindi (Hindi), Belendri (Manipuri), Vendaikkaai (Tamil), Bendakaya (Telugu),Vendakka (Malayalam), Bende kaayi (Kannada), Bhinda/Bhunda (Gujarati), Dherasa (Bengali), Bindu (Kashmiri), Bhendi (Marathi, Oriya). Okra is known for its … Continue reading How to Grow Okra : Planting Guide → Names of common Indian and Chinese herbs and plants in English, Chinese, Hindi and Tamil languages. The common names are just as important as the ... Abelmoschus esculentus (L.) Moench. Similar Images . 3 1 0. Flower HQ CC-BY-SA 2.0 Mature plants Ks mini CC BY-SA 3.0 Fruit Dinesh Valke CC BY-SA 3.0 Dried pods Woolywonderworks CC BY 2.0 Cross section of fruit jmpouty CC BY-SA 3.0 Many people enjoy it fried thebitterword CC BY 2.0 burgandy stems in Cleveland County, NC in the summer Dotty Leatherwood CC BY 4.0 Leaves in Cleveland County, NC in the summer Dotty Leatherwood CC BY 4.0 plant belongs to the family Malvaceae. Okra, lady’s finger (Abelmoschus esculentus L. Moench, 2n = 2x = 130) is a fast growing annual herb the young seed pods of which are used as a common vegetable. Chinese okra or Luffa is in a Cucumber family. Sri Lanka plant names in Sinhala, tamil, botany, ethnobotany, etymology, computer science sinhala glossary links to place names, old and new maps, philological, historical and … Closely related to the cotton plant, okra seed pods are harvested when immature. When to Plant Okra. For videos, as long as you are not downloading them and uploading as yours, you are fine to share them. Print Recipe. 3 2 0. Okra, scientific name abelmoschus esculentus moench, is a member of the botanical Mallow family, which contains various plants and fruits like the marshmallow and the durian. Introduction of Okra (Lady’s finger):- Okra is a vegetable crop which can be predominantly grown in tropics and subtropics. Pachadi and kichadi is an essential side dish at any Kerala sadya such as Onam Sadya. Prep Time: 5 minutesCooking Time: 15 minutesServes: 2Ingredients:Vendakka /Okra, sliced-20 min 1 ora 40 min vendakka masala Read recipe >> vendakka kichadi/ okra kichadi- with stepwise picture. Improve native soil by mixing in several inches of aged compost or other rich organic matter. Yes. Okra is commonly cultivated in warm temperate and tropical areas for its edible seedpod, there are many named varieties[183, 200]. The plants are highly valued due to their green pods. How unique is the name Okra? Because this mountainous region was so isolated for centuries, little is known about the cultivation and uses there. The tender, young, seed-containing pod of the okra plant is eaten as a vegetable in salads, broths, stews, and stir-fries. They could have same result on Chinese okra..the thing is you can’t tell if it’s bitter or not til you cook them. Source: Tamil Nadu Agriculture Portal. okra plant. Okra is a flowering plant that is grown as an annual in most regions, though the species (Abelmoschus esculentus) is a perennial plant in the dry tropical regions where it is native.A member of the Mallow family (which also include hollyhock and hibiscus), okra is also sometimes grown as a landscape plant for its attractive flowers. tall coarse annual of Old World tropics widely cultivated in southern United States and West Indies for its long mucilaginous green pods used as basis for soups and stews; sometimes placed in genus Hibiscus Okra Blossom Vegetable. in reference to various types of okras or a collection of okras. 2 2 1. ... i. 3 1 0. Yes, okra can be eaten raw. The name luffa was taken by European botanists in the 17th century from the Egyptian Arabic name لوف lūf.. The immature, tender seed pods are the part that is the most consumed. Hindi, 2. Space okra plants 10 inches apart in a very sunny area that has fertile, well-drained soil with a neutral pH of 6.5 to 7.0. It likes plenty of moisture, both in the soil and in the atmosphere[133]. They’re commonly known as ladies’ fingers (because of how they look! While one variety dominates the okra seed sales, you may also enjoy experimenting with other types of okra. native name The nutritional value of 100g of edible okra is characterized by 1.9 g protein, 0.2 g fat, 6.4 g carbohydrate, 0.7 g minerals, and 1.2 g fibers. The noun okra can be countable or uncountable.. Okra (Abelmoschus esculentus) are known in many English-speaking countries as lady's fingers or gumbo) is a flowering plant in the mallow family, related to cotton and hibiscus.