How does it feel now that we Brits think we have discovered you? Find more German words at! thus transfering the remnants of the fart to the victim's face. Find more Dutch words at! Definition of BORGEN, ASKER in the dictionary. Today all three seasons of Borgen are streaming on Netflix in anticipation of the … Information and translations of BORGEN, ASKER in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. - English dictionary containing information about the meaning, the spelling, the pronunciation and more.We answer the question: What does borgen‎ mean? borgen (third-person singular simple present borgt, past tense borgte, past participle geborgt, auxiliary haben) to borrow Du bist gewillt, meine Kräfte zu borgen? Both individuals must swim to the bottom of a pool. But the first two seasons of “Borgen” started airing last Friday on KCET, one of California's public television stations, and are also available on … Info. Borgen is set in Copenhagen.Politician, Birgitte Nyborg, becomes the first female Prime Minister of Denmark against all the odds. What does BORGEN, ASKER mean? Borgen comes from a really soft, sweet, idealistic place. To be honest, I'm surprised and happy. When we started making Borgen, no one had any idea it would have any appeal outside Denmark . ; Alternate Universe: Not only does Borgen exist in a universe where Denmark's political parties are different, but its media catalogue and, in the case of Turgisia and Kharun, its international geography are alien to reality. I think we just had the last of an era where a little bit of innocence is allowed.” English words for borgen include borrow and trust. A Borgen is a Dutch practical joke that requires two willing participants and a swimming pool. English words for borgen include borrow, lend and loan. (Meaning if you missed it when it aired on cable, you had to buy it on iTunes.) Christian Rank, drama director for DR, said: “’Borgen’ is a unique Danish story about the political and personal drama that unfolds among the people in charge of leading our country. Meaning of BORGEN, ASKER. Dictionary: borgen - meaning, definition, origin, hyphenation. Three series of ten episodes each have been made. This is a list of episodes of the television series Borgen, a Danish political drama created by Adam Price with co-writers Jeppe Gjervig Gram and Tobias Lindholm and produced by DR, the Danish public broadcaster. The Alcoholic: Hanne Holm, at least in the first two episodes of the first series and again in the first episode of the second. The carrier then walks up to the target, taps them on the shoulder and breathily says BORGEN! I mean, even for the Danish public it was a nicer place. Borgen (which is often translated as "Government," but actually means "The Castle," a nickname for Christiansborg Palace, the seat of Parliament, the office of … One person must fart and the other has to catch the fart bubble in his/her mouth.