Arthrofibrosis is a severe scarring of your joint. A meniscus tear is a common knee injury. Surgery for Arthrofibrosis of The Knee. Normally, your orthopedist will fix your torn meniscus, if required, at the same time ACL surgery is done. JJ, I had surgery for arthrofibrosis of my right knee three weeks ago. After arthrofibrosis surgery, Dr. Getelman will prescribe a detailed physical therapy program. Know the causes, symptoms, treatment of arthrofibrosis. Knee replacement recovery time will vary for each person, but here is a good guide as to what to expect. In these cases, the treatment strategy is modified. But if they don’t work, you may need surgery. Delayed surgery allows time for soft-tissue healing, resumption of full ROM, and improved strength. Arthrofibrosis of the knee, ‘The Frozen knee’ What is Arthrofibrosis?. If the stitches are dissolvable, they should disappear after about 3 weeks. Arthrofibrosis is the abnormal proliferation of fibrous tissue in a joint leading to loss of motion, pain, muscle weakness, swelling, and functional limitation and is most commonly associated with joint trauma or surgery. Thus, knee arthroscopy would have a reduced rate of complications, and patients can go back to their usual activities faster. After a meniscectomy, your surgeon will likely advise physical therapy to put you on the best path toward recovery. A doctor can tell you that you have arthritis in your knee and they can tell you that you could have a knee replacement but only you can decide if the time is right for you. Two more weeks of PT, then if I have the same measurements, we're going back to OR. Now at 1 and 122 flexion. 1 Recovery time can vary depending on the individual and type of surgery that's been done. Shelbourne et al 30 reviewed 169 young athletes after acute ACL reconstruction. The treatment of this condition remains difficult and controversial. Read about meniscus tear surgery and recovery time and other forms of treatment. Total knee replacement. The scar tissue can be removed during a minimally-invasive knee arthroscopy. Most doctors recommend waiting until 65 before getting a new knee. Following surgery, excessive scar tissue formed in her knee joint and surrounding soft tissue, stiffening her knee. Ten cases had sustained fractures about the knee and eight had miscellaneous etiologies. There are approximately 4 surgeons in the world who truly have the surgical skills to treat arthrofibrosis. In the first week after surgery, you can be able to put some weight on the knee. Most of the time, rest, ice, and pain meds are enough to help you feel better. If range of motion is not regained through non-operative treatment methods, surgery may be needed to remove the mechanical block. You may also need it if your knee pain has not responded to other methods of pain relief for structural damage or other conditions, such as osteoarthritis. Most people make an excellent knee replacement surgery recovery and are up and about very quickly. Author information: (1)a Physical Therapy , Arcadia University , Glenside , PA , USA. Dr. Morton is an expert at arthrofibrosis surgery and has treated many patients with severe contractures to their knee. Arthroscopic Knee Surgery Recovery. Arthrofibrosis of the knee can be caused by previous injury or knee surgery. If you had surgery as an inpatient, it's time to say goodbye to the hospital. Learn the tips for a better recovery. (2)b Good Shepherd Penn Partners, Penn Sports Medicine Center , Philadelphia , PA , USA. Sixty-one lysis of adhesion procedures were performed for arthrofibrosis of the knee between 1981 and 1990. May 31, 2015 - Explore The KNEEguru's board "Arthrofibrosis", followed by 198 people on Pinterest. Arthrofibrosis is an uncommon but potentially debilitating complication following total knee replacement which can result in chronic pain and poor recovery of range of motion. Arthrofibrosis of the knee. After knee surgery, the wound will be closed with stitches or surgical clips.