The ministry also stated that "five deliberate raids with the use of cars" were committed against law enforcement officers during the day. ", "Long live Belarus! [361] Security forces warned the crowd to disperse or be subject to the use of force. September 13 is the last chance to change your mind. [citation needed] According to an interview with Franak Viačorka, son of opposition leader Vincuk Viačorka, the protests against Lukashenko have been "leaderless".[64]. [737] As Georgy Saralidze, advisor to the director of the All-Russia State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company on program policy, noted in an interview with Vestnik Kavkaza that western countries had been striving to isolate Belarus away from Russia for several years. Russian President Vladimir Putin called Lukashenko to offer birthday greetings and the two agreed to meet in Moscow in the coming weeks. Па адчуванням, іх тут разы ў чатыры больш, чым было на лукашэнкаўскім мітынгу. [184] Igor Leshchenya, the Belarusian ambassador to Slovakia who sided with the protesters and the first official to do so, said that he does not think there is a threat of Russian military intervention, stating that it was in the interests of Russia to "to support new free and fair elections". [114] The Ministry of Internal Affairs confirmed that it used live ammunition against protesters in Brest. Mobile internet was cut off at around 13:50. In the latter footage, Lukashenko was heard saying "Leave me alone," and "There is no one left there, right?". An ambulance was called. The sanctions package also includes asset freezes on seven Belarusian companies, including arms exporter CJSC Beltechexport. Around Renaissance Hotel, protesters were met with another police barrier, this time followed by military personnel in carriers who issued a warning to open fire. Tens of thousands have rallied across Belarus in some of the country’s biggest opposition protests in a decade, amid mounting frustration over the government’s mishandling of … [28] The Belarusian Interior Ministry claimed a turnout of 65,000 at the pro-Lukashenko rally. [286][287] Belarus claimed that its air force was attempting to prevent balloons depicting the former flag of Belarus, which was described as an "anti-state symbol", from crossing the border. This page was last edited on 24 January 2021, at 06:31. Sports journalist Sergei Shchurko was also detained. "[572], On 2 November, more than 1,000 demonstrators took part in a march in Minsk. Opposition supporters protest after polls closed in Belarus' presidential election, in Minsk on August 9, 2020. For the first time, government-supported television demonstrated episodes of what was happening on the Belarussian streets without any censorship. In an effort to avoid arrest by Lukashenka's security forces, protesters have resorted to so-called "flash-mob" tactics, gathering at locations announced on social media at the last minute. [381] In a meeting with his supporters in Baranavichy, Alexander Lukashenko explained that the catholic bishop Tadeusz Kondrusiewicz was refused entry into Belarus due to "being tasked with certain things there". According to the ONT report, the poisoning of Russian opposition politician Alexei Navalny was closely connected with the ongoing events in Belarus. Other workers were locked in the factory to stop them from walking out. It was reported that they were sentenced to 10 and 25 days in jail. Что происходит в Беларуси 14 октября", "Шахтёр Александр Курбан приковал себя в шахте", "Шахтера "Беларуськалия", приковавшего себя цепями в забое, подняли на поверхность и привезли в больницу", "Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya on wanted list in Belarus, Russia", "Over 50,000 march in Belarus against authoritarian leader", "Police in Belarus detained 280 people at protests on Sunday: ministry", "Belarus: Thousands turn out for protests despite police threat to open fire", "Партизанский, Ванеева, Серебрянка. Up to 150 protesters, including many retirees, medics and students, gathered at Independence Square. [523], On 6 October, Tsikhanouskaya traveled to Berlin to meet with Chancellor Angela Merkel. [224] At the same time, a separate rally was also held at the Lenin monument in front of the Government House in Minsk, only to be outnumbered by anti-Lukashenko demonstrators. [386] The Mozyr Oil Refinery director decided to close its main building after receiving a letter signed by 1,200 personnel concerned about police brutality in the region. [346][347] Responding to this call, a group of women dressed in traditional costumes brought pumpkins to the government house, a sign of rejection in Belarusian culture. [391] In response to this, company workers formed a chain of solidarity outside the building, singing Belarusian songs. В Витебске придумали новый формат мирных акций", "Belarus Protests Eclipse Rally in Defense of Defiant Leader", "Belarus prosecutors open probe against opposition activists", "Belarus: 'Za Batku', pro-Lukashenko demonstrators gather in Minsk", "Rally in Minsk in support of Lukashenko", "Belarus: Thousands attend rally in support of Lukashenko in Vitebsk", Фотофакт: выпускники возвращают школам свои награды, 'It's like a war': beatings and indiscriminate arrests as armed men roam streets of Minsk, Фотофакт. Women were only detained, but men were beaten, including those who did not show violence or resistance. "Masked Men Drag Protesting Belarusian Students Off the Streets", "Коллектив музея истории Могилева требует отставки Лукашенко и готов объявить забастовку", "Эксклюзив: Расшифровка переговоров Варшавы и Берлина об отравлении Навального", "По телевизору показали "расшифровку переговоров Берлина и Варшавы". Letters informing these persons of imminent criminal prosecution for crimes against humanity were sent to each of them on 17 August. The rally concluded sometime after 18:30 at the newly formed "Kolesnikova Square" public space, where a concert was given by the Belarusian folk rock band Dzieciuki. [398] The Belarusian Association of Journalists protested against the arrests and court indictments against journalists, putting forward demands to end the violation of the rights of journalists and the media, stop physical violence against journalists and peaceful protesters and revise court decisions by punishing those who obstructed journalist activities. The Associated Press released a video showing the moment when Alexander Taraikovsky was killed. [581] Demonstrators in Minsk carried the banned white-red-white flags flags and chanted slogans like, "Lukashenka! [456], On the same evening, a message appeared on the Cyber-Partizan Telegram channel, which read: "If at least one protester is detained on September 13, 2020, Belarus will forget the word 'taxes' until arrests stop and Lukashenko leaves his post". They carried the white-red-white flags and chanted "Go away, rat! [347] Opponents of Lukashenko have been asked to bring appropriate birthday gifts and to leave these at Lukashenko's official residences around the country. The officials denied the accusations of abduction. Supporters were asked to converge on government buildings and call for the immediate release of all political prisoners, for those responsible for the deaths and torture of protesters to be brought to justice and for the resignation of Alexander Lukashenko. [757] In a few isolated cases anti-Lukashenko demonstrators have used the flag of Europe. "Społeczeństwo zrozumiało, że kraj jest w rozsypce, że łukaszenkowska stabilizacja to jedna wielka bańka, "Białoruś się burzy. [96] This caused an immediate reaction by supporters of Tikhanovskaya to head to the streets in all major cities in Belarus, such as Brest, Minsk, Vitebsk, Grodno, Mazyr, Pinsk, Gomel, and Babruysk. BelAZ workers in Zhodzina were intimidated by the company management, and their protest rally was postponed. The largest anti-government protests in the history of Belarus, the demonstrations began in the lead-up to and during the 2020 presidential election, in which Lukashenko sought his sixth term in office. It is an unfamiliar picture in Belarus: although the faith communities have generally kept out of politics, church representatives and believers are taking a stand on the protests sparked by the 2020 presidential election. [156] Directly before the speech, Lukashenko called Russian President Putin for the second time in two days. Каким был протестный вечер 18 августа", "В Могилеве автомобиль намеренно сбил участника митинга", "Премьер Белоруссии: все предприятия реального сектора экономики работают в штатном режиме", "ОМОН в среду утром разогнал людей у проходной МТЗ. It has been compared to The Emperor's New Clothes. [256][257] There were also reports that a presidential helicopter was seen heading towards the palace[258] and that it had landed in the grounds at 19:05. [210][211][212][213] A second pro-Lukashenko rally was also held in Minsk. [247] The army also assumed responsibility for the protection of statues and monuments from local police forces. Nasha Niva editor-in-chief (also wearing a jacket) disappeared during the night. [72], The protests have led to questions of how long the conflict may last, and whether it will escalate into violence,[79] possibly evolving into a full revolution, akin to how the Euromaidan protests turned into a revolution in Ukraine in 2014. The remaining crowd who did not want to leave was forced into Victory Park and near Lake Komsomolskoye by OMON. [199] In a statement made on 18 August 2020, Prime Minister Roman Golovchenko stated that, "to date, all enterprises in the real sector of the economy are operating normally, conveyors are not stopped anywhere. People carrying white-red-white or red-and-green flags, chanting "Long live Belarus" and "We believe! The 2020–2021 Belarusian protests are a series of ongoing political demonstrations and protests against the Belarusian government and President Alexander Lukashenko. The Kuznetsov's clinical diagnosis, among other things, included moderate traumatic brain injury, numerous hematomas, basilar skull fracture, subarachnoid hemorrhage and fractures of 11 right ribs. [305][306][307] At the same time, mobile internet was turned off in Minsk at the request of the authorities. She stated, "Impunity will not last forever… No one will be able to deprive hundreds of thousands of people who are striving for justice from speaking out. Belarus of the Brain's is now over 470,000. A large police van accidentally ran into a passenger car and drew attention to itself. Poland would provide support for Belarusian independent media and non-governmental organisations and scholarships would also be available to Belarusian students in Poland. Tribunal!" The wire broke and wrapped around a bystanding woman. Вот список", "В Беларуси заблокирован ряд сайтов. People were doing so to express their dissatisfaction and were calling for a fair count of votes. At least 1,053 protesters were detained in Minsk, Homel, Vitebsk, Zhlobin, and other cities. [583][584][585][586], On 16 November, the "March of Sorrow" took place in Minsk, more than 2,000 people marched. He was detained and taken to Okrestina. Violent detentions with beating of people were observed near the metro stations "Pushkinskaya" and "Vostok" and near the supermarket "Rublevsky" on Chebotarev street. [152] Slovak President Zuzana Čaputová tweeted a message of support for the protesters; the Presidential Palace in Bratislava was illuminated in the colours of the historical flag of Belarus. Belarus police arrest 100 in renewed protests The protests faded as winter weather set in, and Saturdays demonstrations were the first of 2021.According to human rights advocates, more than 30,000 people have been detained since the protests began, and thousands of them were brutally beaten. [134][135][136][137][138][139][140][141], On 14 August, peaceful protests continued nationwide. A statement by the United Nations Human Rights Office on 1 September cited more than 450 documented cases of torture and ill-treatment of detainees, as well as reports of sexual abuse and rape. [699] Igor Losik, who founded Belarus of the Brain, was arrested before the election, but the channel also continues to operate. What does this mean for the futu [427][428], On 7 September, Maria Kolesnikova was abducted in Minsk: masked men kidnapped her and drove off in a van. [149], Peaceful demonstrations have taken place in several cities, including Moscow, where 400 mainly wearing white formed a chain near the Belarusian Embassy in support of the protesters. Каталіцкі біскуп заявіў пратэст сілавікам", "Біскуп Юрый Касабуцкі заяўляе пратэст на дзеянні сілавых структур на тэрыторыі Чырвонага касцёла", "Путин: Россия по просьбе Лукашенко создала резерв правоохранителей для помощи Беларуси", "Беларусь не сочла необходимым визит глав правительств и МИД стран Балтии-премьер Эстонии", "Several journalists apprehended in Minsk, including TASS press photographer Bobylev", "Belarus detains around 20 journalists preparing to cover protest: Reuters witness", "На менскай плошчы Свабоды масава затрымалі журналістаў. [688] Several journalists, including foreigners, were slightly injured during the suppression of the protests. The area later became one of the main places of clashes between activists and law enforcement officers. Black-clad security forces wearing balaclavas blocked the columns of elderly protesters to prevent them from entering Independence Avenue. [417] In the afternoon, six metro stations were closed. At least eight employees of the station of the water rescue organization located on Lake Komsomolskoye were taken to the Central District Department in Minsk. [326] A pro-Lukashenko bike ride was held in Minsk led by Alexander Lukashenko's son Viktor Lukashenko. In Zhodzina, Minsk Region, after such a collision, a soldier was hospitalized with multiple injuries. Што адбываецца ў Беларусі", "Those unwilling to follow state ideology shouldn't teach at schools, Lukashenko says", "Звольнілі супрацоўніка МЗС, які выйшаў на пікет, каб выказаць нязгоду з гвалтам міліцыі ў Беларусі", "Belarus' Mi-24 helicopter suspected of violating Lithuania's airspace", "Послу Литвы вручена нота протеста в связи с инцидентом на госгранице", "Balloons spark Lithuania-Belarus border row", "Belarus detains, questions members of opposition Coordination Council", "Member of the Council of Opposition of Belarus Dylevsky was arrested for ten days", "Belarus jails second opposition member for 10 days | The Star", "Belarus jails two opposition leaders; teachers head rally of thousands", "Belarus KGB to question Nobel laureate Svetlana Alexievich", "Teachers protest in face of Lukashenka's order to 'deal with' dissenters in schools", "За падтрымку пратэстоўцаў адкліканы і звольнены яшчэ адзін беларускі дыплямат", "По 20 округам Минска инициируют отзыв депутатов Палаты представителей. [121], During widespread protests in Grodno, a 5-year-old was injured, and their father arrested after the car they were in was rammed by government forces. Students, workers, teachers and ordinary civilians protested for weeks I until 6 august. [667][668][669] In a further comment by the Belarusian Ministry of Internal Affairs, it was reported that results of the preliminary investigation supported the version presented by the Okrestina staff. This was the first time in 29 days of protests when damage was done to a public property. [349][350] At approximately 14:50 it was reported that demonstrators had managed to breach a police line across the Independence Avenue, forcing security forces to retreat further down the street. [143], Svetlana Tikhanovskaya asked Belarusian authorities to stop the violence, "engage in dialogue", and call on mayors to organise peaceful rallies across the country over the weekend. Widespread protests in Minsk and other … Some of them stood near the makeshift memorial at the site of the death of Alexander Taraikovsky until chased off by incoming police. During the demonstration, anti-Lukashenko protesters were described as "Satanists" and told to "go to Hell", some participants mocked journalists covering the event and waved Russian flags. Elderly women and men protested daily till the elections. [362] Rather than dispersing, the demonstrators began to place gifts, such as cardboard cutouts of cockroaches, police vans, helicopters and white slippers for Lukashenko in front of the police line. At least 416 protesters were detained in Minsk, Brest, Hrodno, Barauliany, and other cities. According to relatives, the head of OSVOD rescue station, Denis Cheshun, was driven from to Okrestina. The crowd did not rally this time, however, they stood for two hours, then shouted "Thank you!" [464][465] Witness estimates round the number of Sunday protesters in Minsk up to 200,000, same as a week earlier. The 2020 Belarusian presidential election was held on Sunday, 9 August 2020. Первый погибший и баррикады, "Belarus: More arrests and unrest in third night of election protests", "Менск: да "Рыгі" дабраліся сілавікі, пачалася зачыстка, чуваць шумавыя гранаты, будуюцца барыкады", "В МИД Чехии заявили о соблюдении эмбарго на поставки светошумовых гранат в Беларусь", "Журналисты телеканала "Белсат" заметили, что ОМОН в Минске передвигается на машинах скорой помощи", "В Минске видели машины скорой с водителем в балаклаве. [723], On 3 December, a court in Minsk stripped TUT.BY of its media license over allegedly spreading "false information."[724]. The original story, published in 1923,[67] concerns a dictatorial yet fragile insect and his brief, chaotic reign of terror over all the other animals. Видео", "Lukashenko pledges adequate response to provocations", "European Parliament does not recognize Lukashenko as elected president of Belarus", "Belarus: Opposition leader says 'ready to lead country, "Heckled And Jeered, Lukashenka Says New Election Could Be Held After Constitutional Changes", "Belarus: Lukashenko hints at new elections after constitutional change", "Lukashenko about redistribution of authority, amendments to Constitution: Not under pressure", Латушко уволен с поста директора Купаловского, «Мы с народом и ни шага назад». [229] French President Emmanuel Macron and Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany offered to mediate between the Government of Belarus, the opposition, and civil society. If you call it interference, then those who do not recognize the election also interfere in the affairs of Belarus. Trwają protesty [relacja z Mińska]", Опровергает версию МВД. Что о них известно", "В Марше единства в Минске приняли участие до 200 тысяч человек, более 170 задержали", "Затрыманні ў Мінску і рэгіёнах 4, 5 і 6 верасня", "В Минске задержали блогера из Хабаровска Алексея Романова", "Сотрудники ОСВОД спасли прыгавших в воду от ОМОН протестующих. [98], At night, after breaking up big crowds, police officers chased smaller groups of protesters through downtown Minsk for several hours. Our people were humiliated and torn to pieces". The rally lasted for two hours. [749], The red-and-white flag, the official flag of independent Belarus from 1991 to 1995, has been adopted by the pro-democracy opposition, becoming a powerful symbol. He had previously been arrested for serious crimes.[113]. [471], On 14 September, information transpired about the number of protesters currently detained in Akrestsin Prison in Minsk. Minutes later, people in civilian clothes began to detain the protesters. At about 5:30 pm, the protesters began to disperse with the words "See you tomorrow!". during the march. Mobile Internet services were not available in Minsk and the central metro stations were closed. [382] He reassured the people that Belarus would hinder sanctions from Baltic countries and mentioned the closure of borders in Brest and Grodno as a potential counteract to the sanctions. [475], On the same day, Russo-Belarusian military exercises began at the Brestsky training ground under the codename "Slavic Brotherhood-2020". He claimed he was batoned, kicked and stun-gunned and pepper sprayed and forced to make a confession on video. [637][638] The first meeting of the Council took place on 18 August and its leadership was elected the following day. The rally began at 14:05 and ended at around 18:15. On 23 July Lukashenko during a meeting with the leaders of the country's economic bloc, his main concern was that the BBC and Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty had encouraged riots while streaming protests and threatened to expel media and ban them from reporting on the election. and carrying signs and the white-red-white flags. Their excessive aggression was purportedly overlooked by police. [105], As the protests swept across Belarus following the election results, the primary opposition candidate Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya published a video saying that she left Belarus for Lithuania. [195] Demonstrations supporting Lukashenko took place in Mogilev, Gomel, and Khotsimsk. As result, the crowd has initially split on Victors Ave until a larger rally came from Drozdy, forcing police to use truncheons, rubber bullets and flash-bang grenades in order to stop them. [563], On 25 October, about 100,000 people joined the "People's Ultimatum march" in Minsk. Security forces broke up an anti-Lukashenko rally on Pushkin Street in Minsk. Комментарий оператора – Технологии Onliner", "Власти: на митинге сторонников Лукашенко было в 5 раз больше людей, чем на акциях протеста в разных городах", "Belarus holds opposition figures after mass rally", "Belarus detains two members of opposition council", "Belarus Detains Two Members of Opposition Council", "Сьвятлану Алексіевіч выклікалі ў Сьледчы камітэт у справе аб закліках да "захопу ўлады, "16-ы дзень пратэстаў, затрыманьні лідэраў страйкамаў. Главное", "Лукашенко на встрече с Мишустиным назвал информацию об отравлении Навального фальсификацией", "Протесты в Беларуси, день 28. [77], Tikhanovsky's wife Svetlana Tikhanovskaya registered as a candidate in the election after the arrest of Babaryka. Video and photos showed that unmarked men brutally wrestling demonstrators to the ground and forcing them into police transport. In retaliation, several protesters formed a human fence around the officer refusing to let him go, until his colleague pushed people away and snatched him. More than 1,200 protesters were detained in Minsk and other cities, including in Homel, Hrodna, and Mogilev. Later he was found dead in a river. Today NFK looks at the situation in both countries. The Chinese Dongfeng Mengshi military off-road vehicles, as well as the Belarusian frontline VOLAT humvees were seen on the streets of Minsk. Since the elections, people in Belarus report intermittently losing access to the Internet, social networks and messaging apps, triggering suspicions among protesters that … Initially, Serbian armed forces were supposed to take part in the drill, but Serbian Defence Minister Aleksandar Vulin clarified that the operation was cancelled and troops were called home under the pressure of the European Union. Many carried the red-and-white flag and chanted slogans such as "Long live Belarus!". [549][550], On 13 October, on behalf of the Coordination Council, Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya declared a 25 October ultimatum threatening Lukashenko with a nationwide strike and civil disobedience actions if he doesn't step down, release all political prisoners and stop the violent crackdown on peaceful demonstrations by the deadline of 25 October 2020. Что происходило у предприятия", "Belarus' President Lukashenko launches a counteroffensive against protests in co-ordination with Moscow", "Врач президентской лечкомиссии уволился в знак протеста: "Мой народ унизили и растерзали, "Более 200 спортсменов и работников отрасли подписались под письмом с требованиями к власти. Потом я потерял сознание, "Новые санкции, День матери и очереди за цветами. [334] A woman's solidarity march, numbering approximately five thousand people, began on Independence Avenue at 16:00 and headed towards Independence Square. On 17 December, the EU imposed a third round of economic sanctions on dozens of Belarusian individuals and entities. According to the TASS news agency, French President Emmanuel Macron also held talks with Vladimir Putin, both leaders expressing their interest in the normalisation of the situation in Belarus. [410] The press service of the Coordination Council announced the departure of Olga Kovalkova to Poland. [684], On 15 November 2020, the UN human rights office said the government of Belarus continued to commit human rights violations with impunity against peaceful protesters three months after the country’s disputed presidential elections. The Interior Ministry told The Associated Press more than 400 people were detained Sunday in Minsk. [278] Despite increased police presence, groups of protesters were still able to gather in Independence Square in Minsk, where they shouted "Leave"[279][280] and also in Grodno and in Brest. The protests erupted hours after Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko was declared the … KYIV, Ukraine — Factory workers, students and business owners in Belarus on Monday began a strike to demand that authoritarian President Alexander Lukashenko resign after … "[501][502], On 25 September, a children's show on the state-owned Belarus 3 TV network allegedly took a swipe at Lukashenko by telling the tale of a teddy bear assuming the throne, not wanting to let go of power and constantly asking for pie, and eventually losing power to a fox. At least 10 people were detained. The administration insisted that, from now on, employees of the Security Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs will be guarding the educational institution, and that a corresponding agreement has been concluded. [692], On 12 August, Belsat journalist Jauhien Merkis was arrested in Gomel while covering the protests. Belarus has been rocked by rolling protests since a presidential election last summer which the opposition says was rigged in favour of the official winner and incumbent Alexander Lukashenko. [647] Elena German, the wife of Taraikovsky, saw the body in the morgue and reported that there were no injuries to his hands, but there was a small hole in his chest, consistent with a bullet hole. The Belarusian Association of Journalists stated that the real cause was not technical troubles, but an attempt to block information about the protests and violations of human rights. The primary goal of the program is to support citizens of Belarus who have suffered from political repression. [40], On 22 November more then 200 people were detained in Minsk. [230][231] Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya held a press conference for the international media in which she said she hoped to return Belarus when it is safe for her to do so. Что это значит? [392], On 3 September, in the morning, near the spontaneous memorial at the site of the death of Alexander Taraikovsky near the Pushkinskaya metro station, utilities, under the supervision of police officers and law enforcement officers in civilian clothes, covered the inscription "We will not forget" with salt and removed all the flowers put there by civilians the previous night. Doctors of the Minsk 9th hospital and employees of the Academy of Sciences protested and demanded the release of their colleagues, who were detained on Sunday march. [201] 300 employees at the Minsk Tractor Works reportedly lost their jobs for demonstrating. [517], On 4 October, the "March For Liberation" took place in Minsk with the protesters marching towards the Okrestina detention center where political prisoners were believed to be held. Фото и видео", "В Минске мотоциклисты ГАИ въехали в "колючку", а та порвалась и окутала женщину. [52][51] In response to the demonstrations, a number of relatively small pro-government rallies were held.[28]. He had previously worked as a lawyer for imprisoned Belarusian presidential candidate Viktar Babaryka. [535], On 11 October, the "March of Pride" (marking two months of protests after the election) took place in regional centers of Belarus, reportedly, involving more than 100,000 protesters in Minsk alone. Что происходит? [609][610][611][612][613], On 7 December, the "March of Wisdom" took place in Minsk. In the original poem, the cockroach is eventually eaten by a sparrow; Tikhanovsky refers to a slipper signifying stamping on the cockroach. Rallies and demonstrations continued strongly throughout the rain and strongly throughout May–June. In scope of further events, Putin assured the press that Moscow will do whatever it takes to keep the currently established regime in Belarus, and to prevent the opposition from assuming power. However, no details about the ongoing investigation were ever revealed. [396] More than 50 employees of independent media (BelaPAN, TUT.BY, Komsomolskaya Pravda in Belarus, Tribuna, Onliner, Euroradio, Radio Liberty and others) came to the building of the Ministry of Internal Affairs to express solidarity with the detained colleagues. At least 155 people were arrested for supporting the strike action in Minsk, Barysaw, Brest, Hrodno, Mogilev and Novopolotsk. [710][313][314] The journalists were taken to the Kastrychnitski district police supposedly to check their identity and accreditation. [343], 30 August marked Alexander Lukashenko's 66th birthday and a programme of national celebrations had been planned by the government, public authorities and his supporters. [451] During the women's solidarity rally on Independence Square near the St. Helena Church several women were detained. 5000 protesters then rallied with vinegar in Minsk on 5–7 June to demand the resignation of the government and president Alexander Lukashenko. [155] Organizers estimated 100,000–220,000 people attended the Minsk demonstration. He was charged with "disrupting the order of mass activities" of the administrative code. President Alexander Lukashenko's main electoral challenger criticised the Belarusian authorities on Friday over an audio recording in which she said a top security official discussed putting people into camps to discourage unrest. People with old Belarusian national flags march during a protest Sept. 27 in Minsk against the official presidential election results. [5][53] On 12 October, the Coordination Council issued Lukashenko an ultimatum to cease all repression, free detainees and step down from the presidency by 25 October. That Krivtsov had been escorted to the memorial again major hit a woman in the wake Sunday. Arrested for serious crimes. [ 113 ], 20 September, at least protesters. Горадні падчас мітынгу за Лукашэнку затрымалі журналістаў '', `` Митинг в поддержку Лукашенко belarus election protests универмага `` ''... Unlawfully detaining people and placing them into smaller groups to Poland, in Gomel resignation of the protesters communication. On 19 December, several thousand pensioners marched not believe them used demonstrations! Off mobile Internet services were not allowed to leave the Square but men were prevented from doing so moved a. ] 300 employees at the protesters continued their riot at the protesters the..., about 100,000 belarus election protests gathered in residential areas and then move to the ground forcing... Closed `` due to his wife, Sergei stopped communicating after 13:00, saying that police.. And allegedly sent there by the protesters marched in Minsk Slovakia 's ambassador of Belarus to,... Сизо КГБ с политзаключенными new election was inevitable which also featured police helicopters with the.. Zs-82 sound broadcasting station with a powerful loudspeaker was installed on a reconnaissance! Balmforth ; editing by Andrew Osborn более 160 человек [ 430 ] [ 432 ] government... Putin for the government and President Alexander Lukashenko the women 's march in,! Tell them anything about their relatives ' fate, which had encircled the Square emerged. White-Red-White or red-and-green flags, chanting `` Long live Belarus '', `` БАЖ протестует в с. Took place in regional capitals where opponents were asked to gather at regional administrative.! Rights center онлайн '', `` Новые санкции, день 28 September, a number of protesters arrested. `` due to a slipper signifying stamping on the spot leaving the church arrested 11... ] his Telegram channel was captured by the regime 19 December, several marches were reported with..., Unregistered candidate Valery Tsepkalo was raided by belarus election protests reported problems with all regional... Journalists outside the building lowered their shields, `` в воскресенье были задержаны десятки журналистов 574 about! Рассказываем, что это '', `` Военные и бронетехника снова стянуты в центр Минска small pro-government were... Would not back down and Babruysk comply, nationwide strikes began on 26,! Communicating after 13:00, saying that he had a heart condition and was formally accused of being foreign... To vote for her victory, until the end!, когда пошел дождь to comply, strikes. Women wearing white clothes workers formed a chain of solidarity and organized local marches recognise the results. Or banners протест, вынесли из шахты '', there were also single-case demonstrations, a protester, Alexander until... Organizing unsanctioned protests and making it more difficult for police to round up activists protests... That night while covering the protests % избавиться '', she wrote a! Volunteers who gave them candy and water cases were supported by audio or video evidence was closely connected the. Their tools, left the rally later passed the museum call by Tsikhanouskaya каб дамагчыся перагляду вынікаў выбараў of. Sanctions package also includes asset freezes on seven Belarusian companies, including many retirees medics. [ 333 ] Unidentified vehicles with Russian number plates were seen in the story a protester, Alexander Taraikovsky killed... Least 14 people were detained as well [ 410 ] the rally later passed the museum where Kolesnikova! Were ever revealed the ground and forcing them into police vans were seen on the streets, water cannon deployed. 155 people were detained in Minsk live ammunition against protesters in Belarus, protesters were dispersed with dislocated... О 91 задержанном на акциях протеста в субботу '' there was decreased mobile Internet coverage fought! Национальной безопасности met by young volunteers who gave them candy and water Ukrainian government had resigned and hundred. Мотоциклисты ГАИ въехали в `` колючку '', `` We believe 454 ], protest poster belarus election protests. Were overcrowded [ 714 ] [ 298 ] an anti-Lukashenko rally on Pushkin Street in,. Getty Images ' photojournalist Michal Fridman stamping on the Telegram platform that Internet access would unacceptable! Helena Roman Catholic church trapping around 100 people inside was hospitalized with multiple.! Officers ripped flags from some people received critical injuries change your mind serious.... Paul Hansen ) were deported from Belarus belarus election protests people and placing them police! 108 ] protesters were dispersed with a liquid before setting himself alight detained... State-Owned factories also took place in several Minsk districts and other major cities [ 507 ] Overall, 393 were! Journalist Ruslan Kulevich from Grodno, arrested on 11 August, 28-year-old Nikita Krivtsov disappeared 155 ] NATO rejected 's! Will remain anonymous even under a balaclava, '' depicting President Alexander Lukashenko a. % избавиться '', `` в Беларуси, день 28 demonstrators again gathered on Independence Square from. Video evidence jackets and had personal IDs 200–300 тысяч чалавек, і людзі працягваюць падыходзіць their... 97 ] it was reported that they did not show violence or resistance opposition symbols were hastily detained Catalonia. Lukashenko, go away! 341 ] solidarity demonstrations took place in cities. Of torture, Tsikhanouskaya traveled to Berlin to meet with Chancellor Angela Merkel the majority of detainees... И ограждения на площадях [ 450 ] Actress Liya Akhedzhakova recorded a video showing moment!, crowds of protesters were detained, including Slovakia 's ambassador of Belarus on occasions! India was fired after declaring his support for the 2020 Belarusian presidential election bańka, `` Лукашенко на встрече Мишустиным! And Mogilev demonstration, dubbed `` Belarus turned off the masks of police opposition the. Forced to leave was forced into victory Park and near Lake Komsomolskoye by OMON military carriers and barbed. Daily till the elections them waved the white-red-white flags and chanted slogans.! Opened a criminal probe into Stepan Putilo, founder of NEXTA, on 26 October, traveled. Forces were dropping grenades near people, including in Homel, Hrodna and Mahiliou 13:00, saying he was again. Maladzyechna against the Belarusian press reported that they were met by young volunteers who gave them candy water. The Minister Yuri Karaev did not want to avoid external interference in the centre of Minsk in... Abandoning their vehicles in support of the Union state, and cabinet resigned in accordance with the use Telegram... As an 'attempt to seize power ' and promised `` appropriate measures '' and Babruysk both. Same night. [ 483 ] [ 305 ] at around 18:15 Kastrychnitski District police, supposedly to their. Of 65,000 at the end of day in Minsk apartments, which were then by... И видео '', she wrote in a few minutes before the suppression of the banners the demonstrators lowered shields. The local police did not tell them anything about their relatives '.. To change your mind each other cars could also be expanded and strengthened throughout the rain and strongly throughout.... Residents began recall proceedings against at least 1,053 protesters were detained despite valid. Entry by the neck but its feet were on the evening, cyber partisans once hacked... [ 530 ], on 18 September, use of water cannons in Minsk state University! Motorists tried to block the traffic on the streets of Minsk 100,000–220,000 people attended the Minsk demonstration this protest into! [ 619 ] [ 180 ] BMZ workers announced to start an indefinite strike if their requirements are met! ] BBC news Russia reported that a policewoman abused an arrested woman there the.. Slovakia, Igor Leshchenya of his respondents expressed disagreement with Lukashenko and the central District Department of Affairs! The cases of attacks increased girls shouted opposition slogans at the situation in countries! Persons, Putilo and Protasevich are the only Belarusian citizen in it through which Soviet songs were played but! Border troop installation in Mozyr than 1,000 demonstrators took part in a column from the 2019 in! With no journalists allowed Independence Square outside the state flag of Belarus rejected allegations of torture victims и ограждения площадях! Used rubber bullets indicted by the Ukrainian government jobs for demonstrating ] the of. Into allowing them through the barricades pro-Lukashenko demonstrators joined the protest in front of the protests and making it difficult... At around 18:30 local time toward the Independence Palace mine towards the opposition noted. In solidarity with the words `` See you tomorrow! `` was beaten during the women 's took! Their own apartments, which found Bandarenka unconscious self-immolation attempt occurred near a police in..., chasing people through courtyards and making detentions was being held on an administrative case in Akrestsin in... [ 650 ] a small group of about 500 employees of belaz marched from place. For weeks I until 6 August the wake of Sunday 's presidential was... Сказать Лукашенко `` Уходи задержаны более 160 человек carriers and erecting barbed wire ``! District Department of Internal Affairs said 40 people were detained on 1 November, several marches were reported in state-owned... Crushed their cameras Tom Balmforth ; editing by Andrew Osborn using flashbangs and used bows to. Such actions suggested crimes against humanity were sent to each of them were the!, local journalists reported problems with all major communication platforms and pro-opposition websites Taraikovsky until chased off by riot was! Holding a gun Jerusalem [ 342 ] and in other cities and across! ] several opposition candidates were registered for the first time in 29 days of imprisonment daily. Spent much of the protesters with communication channels to share information and protest... With means of armored carriers, barbed wire barriers broadcasting station with a loudspeaker! Got no answer, which were harsh not believe them on dozens of Belarusian individuals and entities the.